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Hello friends, in this article we are going to give all the information about Virat Kohli, Virat Kohli is the star batsman of the Indian cricket team and Virat wins many matches with his batting, he is one of the most popular and rich players in the world.  

You will be shocked to see information about them How rich is Virat Kohli what are his records

Virat Kohli is the former captain of the Indian team and his captaincy has been very good, his personal batting more than captaincy and it is very good that is why the Indian team selects Virat Kohli first for every major trophy Virat Kohli is a fast  Best man who specializes in hitting long sixes and fours due to his excellent fitness.

Virat has crores of fans and his fan following is so much that people earn more money than Bollywood leaders and actors, apart from this his wife Anushka Sharma is also a Bollywood actress, she also earns a lot of money, along with this she is in Mumbai and Delhi.  I have houses worth crores of rupees, so today we are going to give complete information about Virat Kohli in this article, what does Virat Kohli take in diet, how many hours he does gym, how is his lifestyle and how many hours he practices cricket.  Along with this, we will also talk about some important innings played by him.

Virat Kohli Lifestyle

Virat Kohli wakes up at 4:00 in the morning and after having breakfast goes to the gym, after that he goes straight for batting practice, his practice goes on till 9:00 in the morning, after which he goes to his home.

After this, at 4:00 in the evening, Virat Kohli comes to the ground for practice and after practicing for hours, he goes to the gym and in this way Virat Kohli follows his routine, that is why Virat Kohli is one of the world’s biggest players. He is one of the fastest and fittest players.

Virat is a very friendly person and that is why he is seen making selfies and videos with fans, apart from this Virat runs different donation camps in which the academy orphanage arranges for Wardha Ashram.

Virat Kohli is the owner of Virat Foundation and through this foundation players from different regions of the country are selected and give them ₹ 500000 a month so that the players of poor and rural areas can move forward, along with Poli Orphanage Wardha Ashram Like run big organizations from which people get a lot of benefits.

virat kohli age

Virat Kohli who is 40 years old and he is the fastest batsman of the Indian team, he is constantly in the headlines in the Indian team due to his fitness and apart from this, due to his lifestyle, he also remains in the headlines a lot in social media Virat Kohli He made his debut in the Indian team at the age of 21 and continues to play continuously.

About kohli wife

Virat Kohli’s wife is Anushka Sharma and she is a film actor. Anushka Sharma, a very famous heroine in Bollywood, is the owner of crores of rupees and she does 4 to 5 films every year in which she earns crores of rupees, now Anushka Sharma is more about film career.  Not active but before marriage, Anushka Sharma used to work a lot in films, that is why today she has assets worth crores of rupees and millions of people follow on social media like Instagram, Twitter, along with this Virat Kohli also matters of followers.  come to the top

Bike & car collection

The players of the India team are very fond of bikes and cars, like Mahendra Singh Dhoni keeps a collection of different bikes and cars, in the same way Virat Kohli also keeps a collection of bikes and cars, he likes them very much if you too.  If you want to know about Virat Kohli’s bike collection or car collection, then we tell you that the world’s most expensive bike is available in Virat Kohli’s bike collection, from cheap to expensive, as well as inside Virat Kohli’s car collection.  Includes expensive to expensive cars so that he is always uploading pictures in new social media with cars, you can also visit Virat Kohli’s Twitter Instagram account and get one-by-one information about his bike collection and car collection but in this  We tell that Virat Kohli keeps the most expensive cars in the collection and he also has this hobby.

Fan following on social media

Virat Kohli is the biggest cricketer in the world and popular in all the world because he is followed by crores of people in the world because of Yash and aggressive play, he always gets carried in the newspapers and news because he keeps on playing big innings in the current t20. In the World Cup, Virat Kohli won the match against Pakistan in front of Pakistan by playing a very big innings. Virat Kohli is playing a very good innings for India in World Cup 2022 In this way, Virat Kohli consistently bats well in the T20 World Cup 2022 and this is the reason why Virat Kohli’s fan following is very high. Along with this, his wife Anushka Sharma is a big Bollywood actor, due to which his fan following is in crores, in this way both of them have spread in crores with the support of each other, if you see on their Instagram and Telegram, then you will get fans in millions. Following will be seen Virat Kohli earns crores of rupees of advertising on Telegram and Stagram

virat fans on twitter 55.5M

on Instagram 222 M

Kohli foundation

Virat Kohli donates a large part of his earnings to different places, apart from this he runs such organizations so that the people are benefited, similarly the foundation is also a very good organization in which the talented people of small and big towns of the country are promoted by Virat Kohli. They are assisted to bring their feet forward, in this, assistance is given by a foundation ranging from ₹ 100000 to ₹ 500000 a month, so that every year thousands of Koli Foundation works to bring forth talent in different parts of the country. Talent players are selected and they are given financial assistance, along with this they run different foundations so that the poor and SI people can be helped, in this way they donate a lot of their earnings to charity and also to the Koli Foundation. Crores of rupees are given to the players every year.

about family background

Virat belongs to a Hindu family and Anushka Sharma also belongs to a Brahmin Hindu family, in this way both of them are married to a Hindu family and they have a wife and a child in their family, in this way Virat Kohli Lives with a small family and his parents also live with Virat Kohli Virat Kohli often prefers to eat his home food, so most prefer to stay at his home without partying and staying in hotels Different matches Who and Virat Kohli is often seen with his wife Anushka Sharma and his daughter


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