AMD's Zen5 processor roadmap for 2024-2025 outlines the company's direction,

Focusing on the merging of accelerated processing units (APUs) with

AI capabilities and graphics architectures such as RDNA1,

RDNA2, and RDNA3.5, and AI accelerators such as XDNA1 and XDNA2. Emphasizes.

In 2024, AMD plans to introduce the Dragon range architecture, targeting high-performance gaming systems.

The "Fire Range" series based on the latest Zen5 architecture will debut in 2025.

Two APUs worth noting are the Strix Point and the Strix Halo (Sarlacc).

Strix Point is scheduled to release in late 2024, following Phoenix.

It will be built on the 4nm node, with a combination of 12 "Zen 5" CPU cores,

An RDNA3+ iGPU, and an XDNA2 AI accelerator, delivering 45-50 TOPs of

Performance in line with the expected requirements of Windows 12 OS.